Sunday, September 29, 2013

Entrepreneurs Don't Have Jobs

It’s common to ask just about anyone you know or meet -- how's your job? Indeed, since a person’s job represents their livelihood and more important what they do most of the day, it's generally one of the primary topics of conversation.

For me, and many entrepreneurs, the question never made much sense. Why? Because for most entrepreneurs, it's not a job -- it's what they DO.

Not only is it what they DO, but it's what they LOVE to do. Show me an entrepreneur who doesn't love their job, and I'll show you an unsuccessful entrepreneur. Indeed, for most entrepreneurs, their business is their life. That doesn't mean they necessarily work more hours than the next guy [frankly, I never bought into this 80-100 hour work weeks, as it's just not sustainable ]

This gets at the key question I am asked more than any other question about starting companies.

***What kind of company should I start (these days)? ***

Sorry, I never answer that question. Rather, I answer it with a question -- WHAT DO YOU LOVE TO DO?

For example, let's say a person loves music and loves playing the guitar. I can guarantee you they'd be more successful (and much happier) if they started a guitar store, music store, software for learning the guitar, etc. Because they'll love the people they interact with, being around music all day, helping people who also love guitars, etc. If you truly love food and feeding people, consider the myriad businesses associated with food, hospitality, etc.


I know -- that sounds simple... yet, very few people follow this simple rule. How many times have we all heard -- Do what you love and the money will come... it's true!!!

So if you want to start a successful business, trust me -- first figure out what you truly love to do, love to read about, love to learn about, etc. Does this guarantee success? No, but I can assure you that doing something you DON'T love is a guarantee for failure.


Mirimoose said...

Professor Juliano, I've been listening to your entrepreneurship podcasts and tried to email a question using your talkshoe email provided in the lectures. It keeps failing to send. Do you have another email or means of contact? Thanks!

Alyssa Serle said...

Every entrepreneur is doing a great job. Is just that we enjoy making money using our own expertise. I so adore them all.

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Geet choudhary said...

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