Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great Customer Service Equal Success

Customer service has become basically a series of "not-very-educated" humans in foreign countries who say "I'm sorry" a lot -- because it's written on the Computer Script in front of them.And these people try to HELP us American's. Hmmm -- I wonder if customer support for Indian people forwards to America ?? Now that would be funny.

Seriously -- if I can recommend ONE thing for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, it would be -- Customer Service is the key to success. Sure, you can sell lots of stuff, but if you don't provide high quality customer service, you're dead over time.

Frankly, customer service is pretty simple. It means SERVICE the CUSTOMERS, and Not doing what's best for your own business. If you do what's best for the customers, trust me, your business will succeed and best of all get a great reputation among your customers.

Good Example -- APPLE -- great products -- great stores with Geniuses! -- great customer service.

Good Example -- Amazon -- many years ago, they sent me a 5 CD set of Beethoven Symphonies. One was missing. I called customer service. They sent me out a brand new box FedEx the next day -- they didn't even require me to sent back the old box of CD's -- yes, I've been telling this story for years.

Good Example -- Any restaurant you've been to who will server you even after the "kitchen is closed". I mean, you know, the kitchen must have some food. One local place made me a sandwich at 11:15 pm because I was starving. That's their business -- food service.

Bad Example -- ALL the Cable Service providers put together. It just took me 5 days and 10 phone calls to Time Warner Cable for THEM to realize they didn't provide cable service to my new house. REALLY !!!  They actually said they could provide service for $11,400 -- for real. ELEVEN THOUSAND dollars

... So, I called Dish Networks ... and I'll say bad things about Time Warner pretty much forever and tell this story. That's called "reverse word of mouth" :)) I mean come on...


Mary Joan Sabuya said...

I agree with you, most of the reason why customers wants to cancel the service is because of a bad customer service experience, no matter how good the product or their services are but if they cant provide a good customer services, there's no point of staying. One thing I hate as well is waiting my call to be answered and when finally I get a hold of a live person i will be put on hold again. I wonder if they even care about their average handling time.If that's the case better start to find a new service provider.

Daniel Mason said...

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