Thursday, September 19, 2013

Intuition and Business

I've taught at Carnegie Mellon University (9 years) and San Francisco State University (2 years) in addition to my 25+ years in Business. The one thing that my students and employees still DON'T believe is how important INTUITION is in business decision making.

I'm not just talking about small decisions. I'm talking about multi-million dollar decisions.

So, why is Intuition and Going-with-your-gut so important? Actually it's scientifically proven (if that matters).
1. Your gut is correct over 90% of the time (really, it's scientifically proven)
2. You can make fast decisions (especially important in start-ups)
3. (most important) Intuition is actually the SUM TOTAL of ALL your experience put together, plus your native human instinct.

You don't have to believe me -- that's your decision. But trust me -- remember all those times you WISH you had gone with your gut? I don't mean only in business, I mean with choosing friends, lending people money, dating, etc. Well, remember them all?

So what's the real issue?
We all have intuition and gut feel. But the Great entrepreneurs TRUST their gut and intuition.

So how do you learn to trust your gut? First, start using your Right Brain (see other blog post) and your creative, and emotional side.
Then -- well -- just try it and see what happens. Even keep track of Intuitive decisions and logical decisions. Really -- keep score. I know Intuitive ones will win.

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